class abeja.common.instance_type.CPUCategory

CPU/GPU category

CPU/GPU can be divided into several categories depending on their performance in ABEJA Platform.

A = 'a'
B = 'b'
C = 'c'
D = 'd'
class abeja.common.instance_type.CPUType


CPU = 'cpu'
GPU = 'gpu'
class abeja.common.instance_type.InstanceType

InstanceType defines container’s CPU/GPU and memory.

An instance type is generally formatted as {CPUType}-{cpu} or {CPUType}:{CPUCategory}-{cpu} (e.g. cpu-0.25, gpu:b-2)

is_cpu() → bool
is_gpu() → bool
classmethod parse(value: str) → abeja.common.instance_type.InstanceType